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Extreme snacking is a Major Cause of Obesity in America…

Can NightFood’s Midnite treat, curb your hunger?

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Snack on This Fact:  The Total US snack market is approximate $120 billion, and 44% of that occurs in the evening or late night, representing a total consumer spend of over $1 billion weekly on nighttime snacks.

The snack food industry has been steadily growing over the years and continues to outpace total food and beverage trends.

Snacking dynamics also continue to change. Consumer choices for size and channel have evolved, innovation has become more targeted, and variety and children are having a huge impact on snacking choices. 

NightFood Inc. (Symbol: NGTF)
The Nighttime Snack Company

One company has come up with a potential solution






One company has come up with a potential solution.


Without Sacrificing your Health

NGTF is a snack food company dedicated to providing consumers delicious, better-for-you choices for evening snacking.

NGTF is tackling a big consumer problem.  Well over 70% of adults under 18-54 snack between dinner and bed. The most popular choices are cookies, chips, ice cream, and candy.  These popular nighttime snack choices are not only unhealthy but contain ingredients that can be disruptive to sleep quality.  

NGTF provides consumers with better nighttime snack options, launching a line of products that satisfy nighttime cravings in a better, more sleep-friendly way. 

NGTF is confident they can build on the successful online pilot programs which established a direct to consumer online marketing presence.

NGTF can operate profitably as a stand-alone in the short term while providing support for the expansion of existing retail distribution. This allows for faster revenue growth than focusing solely on traditional retail channels.

NGTF learned from Facebook data that the NightFood Brand resonates with the consumer.

NGTF intends to drive revenue growth while developing relationships directly with customers through its online presence. This can be beneficial in many ways, including when testing and introducing new innovations, flavors, and snack formats.

Online efforts to date have confirmed that consumers are very responsive upon learning there’s a branded and packaged solution to the nighttime snacking problem. Our updated CraveMonster branding has allowed us to cut over 60% off our customer acquisition costs.”

~NightFood CEO Sean Folkson. 

As part of their overall online scaling strategy, the NightFood will launch an updated website, grow Amazon, and identify and engage new market segments online.

Jane King, former CNN, and Bloomberg Wall Street correspondent, made her New to the Street debut, interviewing CEO Sean Folkson on Fox News where he discussed the immense size of the nighttime snack market – where consumers spend over $50B annually in snacks consumed after dinner

Check out the video here:

NGTF recently completed all requirements and elevated its status to the respected OTQ QB – an exchange dedicated to the transparent and fully compliant companies.           


Did You Know?

Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), a leading consumer packaged goods research firm, has predicted that online sales of snacks will see substantial growth in the next five years.

They expect E-Commerce to comprise 5.5% of total snack sales by 2022, which would represent an increase of 588% over current levels.  

Niche brands are consistently outplaying brands that dominate in the brick and mortar world.”

~ IRI’s 2017 report on consumer goods E-Commerce

Larry Levin, IRI’s Executive Vice President of Innovations, has stated that consumers love small brands that make their lives better.

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In The News

NightFood to Engage With Leading E-Commerce Agency

Aims to Capitalize on Projected 588% Growth in Online Snack Sales

NightFood Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: NGTF), a fully reporting “better-for-you” snack company, announced it is negotiating an engagement with a leading E-commerce agency to establish a profitable and scalable online marketing campaign for the Company’s line of snacks. Learn More: Here

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