Are you affiliated with any of the markets that are relevant to your penny stock recommendations?

No, we are independent of all the markets that we alert on. This includes but is not limited to the OTC Markets, NASDAQ/AMEX and the NYSE.

Can I completely rely on your alerts?

Whilst we do take extensive due diligence on each company before it is alerted we cannot (as a matter of law), guarantee any specific outcome regarding trade choices. Penny stocks are high risk; high volatility trading instruments and as such individual traders/investors are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence. We provide an extensive disclaimer policy that can help guide your decisions with any information used through our service.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, our subscribers are not bound, in any way, to stay subscribed to our newsletter. Your ability to unsubscribe is completely transparent and 100% under your control

Do any of the Wall Street Profiler employees trade the stocks that are distributed via the newsletter?

No, that is highly illegal.

Do you sell or rent your subscriber information?

We have never and will never, rent, trade or sell any of our subscriber details. We value them too much and have complete respect for their privacy.

Does your newsletter service cost money?

No, our penny stock alerts service is completely free to subscribers.

How long has your service been around?

We’ve been in the small cap arena for some time. We’ve amassed experience spanning 12 years.

How many subscribers do you have?

Whilst we cannot disclose that information (for legal compliance reasons) we can confirm that our broad base of subscribers span a total of 60 countries.

I am a novice trader/investor, is your newsletter suited for me?

Our newsletter is geared towards a broad range of investors/traders. Whether you are just starting out or well seasoned in the finer points of trading small cap stocks, we deliver the alerts that are most relevant to your trading level.