Did you ever drink Monster Energy or Red Bull before?

If so, this stock is right up your alley.

Beverages are a multi-billion dollar beverage industry, and a huge demographic that consumes them daily are children and pre-teens.Fernhill Beverage, Inc. (Symbol: FHBC) is catering an overlooked and underserved niche market: the child and pre-teen market.

Fernhill Beverage, Inc. (OTCPink: FHBC)

Dear Fellow Trader,

Fernhill Beverage, Inc. (Symbol: FHBC) serves a segment of the market which large beverage companies have chiefly ignored – the youngest of the consumers. There is greater profit getting the child market to purchase adult marketed products. Fernhill Beverage, Inc. is concentrating on capturing the transitioning market with fun products that appeal to youth and have ingredients that appeal to adults.

FHBC has a flagship drink called Roadkill.

FHBC packages Roadkill in a 12oz. Slim bottle that fits smaller hands perfectly with a label that is bright and colorful and shows cartoon animals that have lost a battle with vehicles.

FHBC also created Roadkill XL which is a branch line of the existing Vitamin Packed Roadkill which is targeted toward the youth market of consumers.






FHBC is in the process of developing other products aimed at the teen and pre-adult market to add to the product lines and to take advantage of new and existing distribution channels.

FHBC put out some HUGE press last month announcing it will soon be producing Private Label products for national retailers! Each national retailer will have the opportunity to develop their own product name and characters while taking advantage of the proven bottle and flavor profile created by Fernhill Beverage.

FHBC’s retailers can market their proprietary product names through their own distribution systems while allowing Fernhill Beverage to increase its revenues without jeopardizing Roadkills distribution network.

Hurry and start your research right away at http://FernhillBev.com

Over the last six months, Fernhill Beverage has been approached by several national discounters, as well as national grocery chains, inquiring about the Roadkill and Roadkill XL brands.

FHBC is currently participating in negotiations with retailers and expects to have the first of many contracts complete before the end of May 2017.

FHBC will also be expecting to add as many contracts as possible throughout the remainder of 2017!

FHBC, with its brand Roadkill has been off to a fast start for 2017. The Company expects the Private Label Program to more than double Ferhills already fast-growing revenue numbers.

FHBC beverages could be at retailers across the nation by the end of the year.

Do you think share prices will remain at a penny when that happens?

Fernhill Beverage, Inc. (Symbol: FHBC) is not going to overtake Coca-Cola or Pepsi as a top beverage producer, but if they can make progress on a few products, the grocery stores will take notice.

And So will Wall Street.

FHBC is one stock to keep on the radar.

We will let you continue your due diligence, and we hope to get back to you with updates in the future.

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